The joy of giving

The joy of giving

Most of us when it comes to cooking for ourselves, we do not enthusiastically participate. We make it as simple as it can be, not worrying much about the taste or the final look. But when it comes to cooking for someone we like. We automatically turn into a master chef, over analysing every small detail. (I bet, you got yourself thinking about the first time you cooked a meal for your family. It was exciting, wasn’t it, the good old times) Humans in general while gifting or making something for someone else, they expect perfection. We want that particular item to be nothing less than the best because it shows them how much we care and how much they mean to us. That particular product is going to remind them of us whenever they look at it. This very idea is what inspires us to gift them the best. This arouses the feeling of joy, love and there’s nothing more special than to be loved. 

It is strange that sometimes we feel the same joy and happiness even when we donate something to a person we don’t even know existed. Donating what’s worth a few bucks or providing a meal once is enough to make us feel satisfied. The joy of giving does not seem to have any restrictions. The joy of giving does not really care if it’s expensive or branded good. If happiness did lie only in diamonds, gold or branded, imported, expensive items then trust me only fifteen percent of the world could afford happiness. They would be the only people on earth who could be happy. Fortunately, that is not what gives people happiness but the feeling of being remembered and adored. Not all that glitters is gold and not all that is expensive is worth the money. All that matters at the end is if it fulfilled its purpose. So, the next time you gift someone, instead of opting for expensive goods, choose something simple. Something your loved one can use on a daily basis. That does not require a locker to protect it and the person gets to see it daily. 

Speaking of the art of gifting, furniture is the best thing you can gift someone. House warming ceremony, new born child in the house- furniture does help than a bouquet. Always wanted to donate to an underprivileged school or orphanage, instead of donating money you could buy them furniture. Reduce their burden of expenditure and also express that they got someone to care for them. Order furniture online for your child who’s in another city. First month salary, confused about what to gift to your parents? Gift your dad the chair he always wanted but he never bothered to buy. Does your younger sibling too get up to grab his/ her pencil, sharpener, notebook one at a time while studying? It does happen in every house, doesn’t it? Just buy them a study table so they don’t have to waste their precious time and energy by getting up so many times.  They are definitely going to love you for this. Why are you wasting your time? Go gift your loved ones the comfort they deserve and express your love.

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