Welcome to the
Out of the box

Founded in 2021 by Karthic Rathinam, Out of the Box is a do-it-yourself cardboard furniture company with an aim to make furniture and products affordable and environmentally sustainable. We design, innovate and test products rigorously before even other members of our team can get a look at it - we're reliable, just like our furniture. Here are some of our key features:

Because why would you want to buy stuff that isn't durable? We only use high-quality, double A-flute cardboard, to increase the strength of our products multi-fold compared to traditional cardboard. While designing the products, we follow a meticulous process to ensure that all ends are met, and you get what you expect. So that you can use our products today, tomorrow and for months ahead..

Breaking societal norms, we've managed to give a thin coating on the cardboard to make it water resistant to the occasional spills, which are, well - more than occasional. So if your toddler spills their water on your laptop stand, we've got the stand covered but unfortunately, we don't make laptops. Well, just yet.

Environmentally sustainable:
Let's get to the point - we all want our home, our workspace and our lifestyle updated and we need change quite often. But why would you give away the "perfectly working" chair just to shell out tons of money for another, similar one? Especially when all the wood in the world is sourced from cutting millions of tress everyday? We source our cardboard from 100 percent recycled paper. So with our cardboard furniture, you can dispose without the tiniest shred of guilt, replace and upgrade to the latest trends but also, not break the bank.

Talking about the elephant in the room - we are AFFORDABLE. VERY AFFORDABLE. Take a look at our offerings and you'll say the same. Well, what can we say - A small price to pay for happiness.

Lightweight and Colorful:
When you finally get that promotion you want, we promise you will not need an extra pair of hands with our pen stand or our laptop stand. Just pick it with the last finger on your weaker hand, and as you walk to your new cabin, watch the entire office complement your style and your choice for choosing us.

Today, we are a team of aspiring entrepreneurs from various walks of life, looking to make a prolific change to society - one that will enrich the lifestyle of people and integrate living in sync with nature and her resources. Our products stand out in all aspects - whether it be quality, design, usability or price. So come join the Out of the Box family today and support the #brownisthenewgreen revolution! .