Why cardboard?

Why cardboard?

The characteristics of cardboard furniture making them environment friendly and recyclable were, first of all the qualities that attracted us. A cardboard furniture even after its service does not end up as a land filler or a polluter. The same cardboard can be recycled and turned into absolutely new pieces of furniture. The traditional materials used for furniture- wood, plastics, metal are well known for their harmful effects on the planet. We do not want to commit the same grave mistake of choosing profit over environment. 

They are made up of corrugated cardboard that has a maximum recycling rate compared to any other material. Corrugated cardboard furniture is stronger and durable. They definitely reduce solid waste disposal and create an impact on the environment. This material definitely does not discriminate against anyone based on their economic status. Anyone and everyone can afford cardboard furniture. They are inexpensive than the conventional material used in furniture. That’s exactly what we need, our product must be available to everyone without any conditions. 

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