Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional wisdom clouding your judgement? We have curated a list of FAQs to ward off any doubts you may have about our products. If you have a different query, please reach out to us at

Our products last for 2 years or more when the right care is taken as mentioned here.

Our products are easy to clean and maintain. If you have spilled something wet on the printed area, you can wipe it off with a soft cloth. You can clean dust with a soft dry cloth. To ensure maximum life of the products, do not load over maximum recommended capacity and prevent excessive moisture accumulation.

We only use five-walled, double-A flute cardboard. This superior cardboard type is designed to withstand higher loads multiple times of conventional cardboard. Please read the specifications of the product for the maximum load carrying capacity.

Every single product from Out of the Box is 100 percent recyclable and is also made from recycled paper. Read more about our products here.

We provide an instruction sheet with each product. For a detailed assembly video, you can scan the QR code given on the instruction sheet or watch the videos here.

The weight carrying capacity of our cardboard products vary according to the product. Please check the product specifications for the maximum recommended load for each product.

Cardboard is one of the only materials that is 100% recyclable, even when compared to wood. Read more about this here.

All our products are do-it-yourself and easy to assemble and disassemble. They can be used outside but it is recommended to avoid areas with excessive moisture.

You can clean it up with a soft dry cloth, but also you would've wasted a hot, steaming cup of coffee.

When the time comes for product to retire, it can simply be disposed in the waste paper bin. There is a chance that it becomes a new Out of the Box product once recycled, giving it a new refreshing look.

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